Smart contracts are the way of the future.

NuLink is a community fork of ChainLink: a decentralized oracle network. It has similar token & node functionality with more decentralization.


How It Works

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What is NuLink?

A community fork of ChainLink

NuLink presents a decentralized oracle system for use with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts are applications which operate on the blockchain. They are tamperproof, so much so that their own creator(s) cannot tamper with the end-product. NuLink retains the same token & node functionality.

Benefits of using NuLink

There are several benefits of using NuLink as your dedicated oracle provider

🔥 Deflationary

NLINK tokens are burned on every request

🕵️ No KYC

Enjoy anonymity while preserving sybil resistance

🖥️ GUI Nodes

Easily manage nodes without CLI knowledge

👪 Community Project

Community driven, potential for more decentralization

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It should run with 1 core and 1 GB of RAM, though you may want to up the RAM to 2 GB for better reliability. However, connectivity to an Ethereum client is required for communication with the blockchain. If you decide to run your own Ethereum client, you will want to run that on a separate machine. Running a node is recommended on a VPS and other systems with excellent uptime, to prevent penalties.

This is in development, it will use the Enigma protocol or Mixicles.